Flit helps you find locations fast. Welcome to the next level in maps.

Instant Gratification

BAM! Open Flit and immediately find your nearest target...plus the quickest route to reach it. No typing. No gestures. Just open.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Flit uses only the most current data so that you can be confident in the precise location (and existence) of your chosen target.

Real-time Updates

Flit continuously monitors your spatial relationship to nearby targets, fetching, sorting and updating as you move.

Course Prediction

Nobody wants to backtrack. Flit knows where you're headed and lets you find targets that are in your forward path.

Smooth and Responsive UI

Flit's map UI is responsive and fun. Pinch, zoom and swipe your way to location based zen. You are in complete control.

Easy Customization

Filter out closed targets, choose navigation (Apple, Google, Uber), toggle course prediction, display traffic info and more.

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